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But there's another world, we're living in tonight

So it has been quite a while. What can I say, it has been a very busy second half of the year. So much so, I haven't had much time to get the cameras out and play. But, like a alcoholic staring at the bar, I have been waiting till the holidays came around so that I can really go to town. And I have, among other things I will be putting up soon, I acquired a Nikonos V underwater film camera, shot my first roll of Portra 400 on the Mamiya, have developed my first roll of B+W film myself since school days and pretty much had a blast.

Those posts are still being finished up, but in the meantime, another major life change for me, I have finally decided to give up the last of my DSLR's, my trusting Canon 7D. I have done this for two reasons. 1. I just wasn't enjoying shooting with DSLR's anymore, compared to rangefinders and to be honest regular film SLR's, the 7D just felt like it was sucking all the joy out of shooting, I cant remember the last time I took a shot with the 7D that I looked at and thought, wow, that came out well. The other reason was because of a new purchase, believe it or not a point and shoot mini camera. A friend asked me for a recommendation on a good point and shoot camera, and without thinking I answered the Sony RX-100, this camera has reviewed off the charts with every single review calling it the best small camera ever! After my friend bought one, sight unseen based on that recommendation, I had to borrow it, and instantly new I had to own one. Yes I love shooting on film, but there are just some times that that isn't practical, parties, varied lighting conditions, being able to point the camera in the general direction and just click off a frame hoping to get a good shot, just not films forte.


And I have to say, it is amazing, stunning pictures, pretty fast 1.8 lens, very fast startup and autofocus, and the in camera JPEG's are so good I don't bother setting it to RAW. And so, with this little camera taking the role of the camera I take when I don't want to take a Leica, the 7D was retired.


That's not to say I still don't love film, I took the M6 loaded with Ektar 100 to a pre Xmas catchup of friends, and in the setting sun, all I can say is, everytime I think there isn't a reason I could love Ektar more, I get another roll back, just stunning. All shot on a Leica M6 with a 50 mm Summicron, even at 1/30th razor sharp, try doing that with a DSLR!